Survey Scout Review - Is it Legit or Scam? A Must Read!

I told my friends recently that I was doing paid surveys online and they began to laugh at me…that was until I showed them the cheque I had just received from the paid survey company. In these econonimcally tough times it is very nice to be able to earn some good money while sitting at home on my sofa while watching tv. You see A while a go i joined site called Survey Scout.

Survey Scout is a paid survey site that features hundred of surveys in their members area that you can be paid for. The surveys are from companies such as Wal-Mart, Nike and eBay who are looking for your opinion on the way they do business and they are very willing to pay you for that opinion.

Some of the things you can get paid for by Survey Scount include taking part in focus groups. You can get piad up to $150 dollars an hour to take part in focus groups. You can get paid up $120 an hour to take part in phone surveys and you can even make anywhere between $4 and $25 dollars an hour to movie trailers and give your opinion of them to the movie distributors.

On the Survey Scout website you can take a sample website and see how the questions asked are very straightforward and you can give simple answers - many of the surveys are just checkbox answers.

Survey Scount also comes with afree tool for members that allows you to fill in surveys up to three times faster so you can make three times the money. Also they have recently added a new bonus - Over 250 companies that allow you to work from home.

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I have been very happy with my choice of joining Survey Scout. They keep a nice influx of new surveys offers to the site so you can keep making the money.