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Top 10 Paid Surveys At Home Scam & Legit Review

“Paid surveys at home scam” ” Paid survey at home legit review” If  you type any of these words on Google, you are in the right place. Here, we provide you with an in-depth paid survey at home review, how it works, tips to earn and list of paid survey at home legit to earn money with. So, if you are searching for paid survey at home scam and legit review, you are highly welcome.

What is paid survey at home?

As long as business is concerned, just before you invest and spend millions of dollars in planning, creating and market any goods or products, it is always wise to do a market survey and know if people are interested in the product.
When it comes to American companies, they consume billions of dollars every year on focus, groups, product testing, interviews and surveys just to figure out which color, taste, flavor, of a particular product they prefer or perhaps the song that captivates people most. In other to economize time and revenue, companies now prefer to use online market research as you can comfortably and easily carry out surveys online or e-mail.You can use about $2,500 to $5,000 for e-mail survey for a 200-person but it costs up to $5,000-$7,000 with snail mail survey for same number of personsand about $15,000 for phone surveys.
To make online survey attractive, some Web site companies such as Superpay and swagbucks offer some bonuses and rewards to consumers to fill out online survey. These bonuses come inform of money or points that can be redeemed as gift cards, discounts for products, or free airline miles. Both the company and the consumer get to gain from these rewards, because the companies get meaningful market survey from the targeted consumers and the consumers get rewards for their time spent giving surveys. But consumers tend to misuse these bonuses giving to them by violating these privileges. Most of them get creative, opening more e-mail addresses only for them to answer the same survey more than six times, answering survey questions very fast, because the more you answer, the more your points and rewards, telling lies about their true identity in other to qualify for surveys they know they qualify for.
For this article, we shall study thoroughly about paid surveys at home ; their operation technique of reward websites, what might help online survey results become reliable, how useful they are for the overall market research plans.

Market Research

These market surveys are so necessary because they give the companies raw information that helps them in making important decisions. This information can be objective numbers example knowing number of times an average consumer buys a particular product in a year, or observation ideas example knowing which flavor consumers prefer most. All this information are put together and used to know the best strategy for designing and marketing their products.
Two stages involved in conducting of market surveys include; Primary and secondary stage.
In this situation, secondary stage of the research is considered first. This is a situation whereby they utilize an already existing channel like magazine articles, newspapers, government statistics and so on to get information on the type of product any company want to make purchase on and its market value.
When this information has been gathered, the company now carries out the primary research which is the main research. This primary research produces results which were gotten through the company’s focus, surveys and interviews.

Primary research is of two kinds:

Qualitative primary research such as one-on-one interviews and focus groups isvery detailed and concentrates on getting replies to specific questions and interests. Quantitative research on the other hand store bigger quantity of data to be later analyzed statistically using surveys. This statistical analysis is needed for identification of trends and forecasting future purchasing habits.
In other words, survey is an example of quantitative research. Surveys provides lists of questions which are used to manufacture and get consumer answers and these answers are either be noted by the consumer himself or by the researcher asking questions. The survey panel is known as those consumers who respond to survey s. In statistics, the results will be more correct and accurate if there’s more results from the targeted survey panel, for example, if your targeted consumer is in the class of men between the ages of 30-45, you’ll make the people within that category your survey panel and leave other people. That is a more precise way to get a more accurate result.
To find these survey panels, there many ways one can do so; The most common way is through phone calls(“If one has a man between the ages of 18 and 25”), this can be achieved through the mall intercept whereby people are stopped in a mall and requested to take surveys (American Marketing Association). Another way to take surveys is through post mail. But for the sake of this article, we shall focus mainly on online surveys.
For online surveys, it is more economical and faster to develop survey panelsusing internet and e-mails as it’s very cheap to send e-mail surveys as compares to phone calls and postal mail surveys.
The Business Week Buyer Zone also stated that e-mail has a bigger incidence rate than other survey methods. This incidence rate is known as the percentage of people that answers to a survey. People tend to respond to e-mail or online surveys more effectively than other survey methods because they can do that at their convenient time and e-mails are easy to feel as when compared to other surveys.
Also have given another advantage of e-mail surveys by stating that companies can use its own websites to generate contacts. Because companies also established where customers can sign up in other to keep receiving newsletter and other electronic notifications, they can easily use this source to send surveys to the targeted existing customers.
Another way a company can easily create and distribute surveys is through the software program called Listen Up which includes pre-made survey templates, advice on writing your own survey, list and management tools, tracking and reporting. has also said that surveys are very powerful and yet barely noticeable promotional tools for products or service in question. Example when you inquire on the positive qualities of a product like how necessary spirit’s taste is? You can initiate a positive thought on the consumer’s mind and this might remind the existing consumer about a product which they like but might have forgotten about them.
However, as efficient and easy online surveys are, it has its own disadvantage. Survey fraud happens to be the main problem associated with online survey. For this reason, most companies have devised some security measures to ensure that they maintain high panel integrity (which reliability of survey statistics depend on) and decrease the rate of fraud associated with online survey. These security measures include
Invitation-only; To participate in the online survey, a consumer must receive an e-mail invitation. This enables the company to verify if the address and name on the contact information is valid and no other person is using it.
Asks for mailing address; If a particular mailing address shows up for multiple e-mail accounts, it will be considered fraud, therefore mailing address is required to get your reward points or coupons.
Minimum time frame;To cut down on fraudsters who rover around answering questions randomly, a minimum time frame is being set.
Block “straight line” answers; when the same numbers or same letters are constantly chosen for each question, a software will purge the survey automatically.
Block IP addresses;It is ideal tocut down the amount of survey that can be taken from a particular IP address. There IP address is at risk of being blocked if such happens.
Demographic consistencty; the profiling questions should be asked to the specific class of consumers taking the survey example, their sex, age, income level and so on, The consumer should be blocked if their profiling info differs from the other again.
Opened-ended questions.Yahoo! Small Business and Frost & Sullivan stated that Fraudsters don’t use their time to respond to open-ended question multiple times and still have noticeable different responses because these open-ended questions has at least one short-answer and essay type question that can only be analyzed for thoughtfulness.
We will now observe web sites that rewards for taking online surveys.
More than dozens of websites offer rewards to consumers for taking online surveys, some of them take care of Australians only while some do for only Americans and so on and they offer varieties with the same idea.


  • You start by registering on the website with your basic information and contact.
  • You will get an email that will link you to a page where you will supply your detailed demographic information for example your sex, age, race , marital status, employment info and so on.
  • As some of these sites give you opportunity to choose how many surveys you can handle in a week, you will start receiving e-mail with surveys that match the demographic info you gave.
  • You need about 10-20 minutes to complete each survey.
  •  Rewards are given in respect to how long it took to complete that particular survey, example an hour survey can earn you about &29 while 20-minutes survey about &6.
  •  You can end up getting partial reward if you don’t qualify for the survey example if the survey is for cats and you don’t have any pet.

Some paid surveys at home now says you can cash in your points for your rewards like discounts and coupons on products.
It is noted that the reward systems of different web sites differ, while some might send you actual check for real money, others might just allow pretend money to be incurred or points that will be cashed later for money. Others use the sweepstake system whereby some persons are eligible for daily or weekly grand prize for submitting survey.
As some websites are pure survey sites like e-Rewards, others allow you to earn points as you shop online at their affiliated businesses like and iTunes and use their credit cards to play online games and take surveys example MyPoints.
Not minding what most sites advertise, you can’t really work from home taking surveys and expect to earn large income but you can actually add free miles to you frequent-flier account or receive free rental blockbuster without having to put in much time. Nevertheless, the advantages of all these sites are modest.

We’ll talk later about survey sites geared at the kid market.

Paid Surveys at Home Scam and Problems

So many problems accompany paid online surveys at home even for both the company and the consumer who participate in them.

According to selling to kids, the main problems facing companies is that they encourage participants to be false in other to take more surveys. Consumers tend to lie about their demographic details in order to qualify for surveys, use multiple e-mails to sign up under the same company, rush through multiple choice surveys randomly looking for answers in order to complete survey in short time. All the pretence and cheating helps consumers make more money and the company will end up with non-quality market research.
On the consumer side, they should be aware that scam artists now dwell on these paid online surveys. They are the unruly middle men who claim to sell proprietary lists online that can help you earn up to $3000 in one month as you work from home and many of the charge registration fee to access these lists which you can freely and easily get through Google search.
Another problem for consumers as they sign up on these online survey sites is that these sites can sell your contact information to spammers in return. So in as much as you trust the online survey site’s privacy policy, it is advisable to register with a different e-mail account apart from free webmail sites like yahoo or Hotmail.

Ways to prevent paid survey at home scams and middlemen:

• Flee from websites that requires access fee to their paid online surveys
• Read the privacy and disclaimers carefully
• Beware of sites that are so focused on saying they are not scam because they are likely to be scam
• Do a research on sites like and for posts about the company.
• Finally trust your guts, go for it if you feel they are good.
The major problem of online survey is spending so much time on surveys that don’t pay well. Don’t think of them as a full time job by replacing them with your normal job. They should be done at your leisure time and taken as your hobby.

How to Earn money at home with paid surveys:

It is very simple to earn money at home via paid surveys. First you will need a computer and also a reliable connection to the internet. Next you will need to have an email account which you can use to accept paid survey offers and finally you need some free time available to take at home the paid surveys you are offered.

If you have all of these, then you can now be able go to any website that permits you take paid surveys at home and join them. Depending on the type of survey website, you may be given a detailed profile just to fill out so they can determine what paid surveys you qualify to take at home.

How do you qualify for paid surveys at home?

Companies which usually do marketing research for manufacturers are searching for views from a certain segment of the population. This is so they can be able to improve their products and know what features that are most important to their potential customers in order to emphasize them in the advertising campaigns. They therefor need unbiased opinions for the collected data to have value.

They use detailed profiles that provide demographic information such as where you live, your age, marital status, gender, whether you have children, how many people live in your home, etc. They also want information on your hobbies, occupations, etc to see if you are in the surveys target group. Basically they want to know what products you would be willing to buy and why.

How does take a survey and get paid work?

Once you join the website, they will send you an email offering you a survey. The email will give you the estimated time needed to complete the survey and tell you how much the company is paying. If you want to take the survey, all you have to do is click on the survey link. You will be taken to the online survey.

Paid Surveys At Home Reviews:


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