How to Get Started

Before you start signing up for paid surveys, download a program called Roboform. You can download a free trial here Roboform. This program will store information such as your name, email, etc.. and will save you tons of time when registering for paid survey sites or anything else. It will also save your login names and passwords so you won’t need to remember them all, but only so many on the free trial. You may eventually want to upgrade to the full version, which will remember ALL of your logins and passwords, but it is not necessary.

You may want a Paypal Account, if you don’t already have one. You can sign up for one here: Paypal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account, but a few sites use PayPal as a form of payment.

Signup with as many paid online survey sites as you feel comfortable with and are interested in. Be sure to check the special interest directories to see if you fit the profiles. Look for focus groups in your area. A focus group located close to your home could lead to some interesting, and well paying, projects.

When signing up for sites, be sure to bookmark any sites that have a login section. You may want to create a “surveys” folder in your favorites. Many sites that have a member login will have some type of account that you can check. Come back and familiarize yourself with any sites you have bookmarked.

Be sure to fill out any “profiles” or “profile boosters” for any sites that have them. Filling out profiles will increase your odds of being selected for a survey.

Check your email often for invitations. If you wait to long a survey may be closed before you are able to participate.

Don’t be discouraged if the compensation for a survey is a drawing. Most surveys are limited in the number of participants and there are usually quite a few prizes. The odds are usually pretty good and the rewards can be higher. Of course, you may not win anything. Think of it as a free lotto ticket.

Visit Best Paid Survey Websites list.

Be honest. As you start taking these surveys, you’ll realize that these are real companies looking for YOUR honest feedback. You have an opportunity to influence the products you buy.