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Free Paid Surveys By Postal Mail

“Paid surveys by postal mail”, “Free Paid Surveys by mail”  or ” surveys that cash through mail” which ever words you searched on Google, we have got you covered. Here, we shall list all the free paid surveys by postal mail and also all you need to know about paid surveys.

Paid Surveys By Postal Mail

Paid Surveys By Postal Mail

A lots of people have been asking us to write a post on paid surveys by mail. Although this particular topic can be a lot trick and some how outdated, we have decided to do an article on this.

Paid surveys by postal mail is another ways to make money doing surveys. In this case, you are either mailed a survey items or products to your home to test or mail some cash which are now mostly done by Check.

What is Paid Surveys by mail?

Paid surveys by mail is the act of getting your surveys item or product and money by postal mail. And also mailed Paper Surveys. In this case the company mails a detailed paper paid survey to the potential customer and asks them to fill it out and mail it back in a pre-addresses and pre-paid envelope. If it is a very long survey, they will offer an incentive to fill out and return the survey. Unfortunately, these surveys have a very low response rate.

It is also considered  as an “in-thing” nowadays. Most people who stay at home browsing their nets may have encountered all types of paid surveys services and options. More often than not, these individuals may have registered for these sites to be able to have money while working from the comfort of their own homes.

Needless to say, paid surveys companies have a lot of things to offer from checks through mail to gift certificates for some establishments like groceries and department stores. These options are just a few of the other alternatives of getting paid by filling out survey forms.

The paid surveys process

Before people start earning money from paid surveys there are a few things that they should undergo first. The basic among all these steps is the registration process.These companies would usually ask individuals who are willing to participate to give information necessary to make the entire system work. The most common data needed to become a paid surveys member are the name, address (email and residential), and phone numbers. Some companies would collect fees in order to complete the registration process.

After completion of this stage, the new member has to undergo some more steps to finish the entire procedure. A so-called members’ area containing names of companies which offer paid surveys is the next destination. Registration is again needed for these companies. If surveys are available, they will send email messages to qualified respondents.

Making money from paid surveys by postal mail

Receiving mail messages from paid surveys companies does not guarantee yet that payment will already be made. Some of the participants are encouraged to fill out survey forms from which they could possibly win a check amounting to $25 or so in the mail. The companies would usually state in their messages that a draw will be made at the end of the month from several respondents who will form part of the process. There is still no guarantee that becoming a paid surveys member would give the monetary needs of the participants.

Patience for filling out paid surveys by postal mail

It takes a lot of effort before one gets paid from filling out the so-called paid surveys. The concept may be too enticing for respondents during the invitation period, that is, the time from which people encountered these services via surfing the net. Be prepared to have more surveys filled out before earning the money promised by these companies.

Paid surveys in their essence are all about registration. This is the most essential thing to be able to get financial resources from filling out the forms. Lucky people who have registered for research companies offering paid surveys every now and then will reap the benefits. But for those who are not lucky enough, paid surveys may not help them have what they are really looking for.


Paid Surveys by postal mail:

  1. Surveysavvy

  2. Global test market

  3. Vindale Research

  4. Isurveyworld

  5. Mysurvey

  6. Bzzagent


Things to know about Paid Survey by Postal Mail:

Readability is important in any survey. A paid survey by mail offers a better resolution than you’ll find on any computer monitor making it easier for the respondent to read. If your target population has visual impairment and cannot view text on a monitor, this is a plausible concern, and you will want to strongly consider keeping a paper survey option.
Survey design is another factor to consider. When it comes to paper surveys, there are limitations on space. If you are considering several open-ended questions, providing an ample amount of space for the respondent to complete their answer is crucial.

Surveys by mail are notorious for taking a good amount of time to execute. Whether administration is in-person, mailed, or sent as an email attachment, speed is always going to be a factor. Time for the respondent to complete the survey and time to mail it back is going to increase the time needed to complete the survey research process. Data entry will then be needed to enter data into your database or survey software system. Furthermore, keep in mind, multi-page or complex paper surveys may require scanning to collect and organize data. If time is not an issue, paper surveys may be a viable option for you.

As mentioned previously, paid surveys by postal mail do have their design limitations. The design capabilities of a web-based survey are more flexible. Both survey modes can accommodate multiple choice questions, single-response questions, list questions, and grid questions. However, mail surveys are not able to handle drop-down boxes, interactive slider controls and star-rating controls, clickable maps and images, or multimedia files – the features that make the process more user-friendly and appealing to the respondent.

The needs of you population is your main consideration. Your target sample may prefer just online surveys or just surveys by mail, and sometimes, there may be a need for a mixed-mode for a diverse population – both paper and online surveys for the same survey research project. The appeal of saving money with online surveys is tempting, but if that survey is not reaching a target audience that prefers a survey by mail, you are wasting your time and efforts.

Non-tech savvy respondents may not have access to a computer and therefore not have access to the Internet to complete an online survey via email or on social media networks. For example, if you are conducting research on patients in assisted living facilities with a target population of seniors with little to no access to computers, paper surveys are necessary. Additionally, respondents in rural, remote locations may have online accessibility issues. Examine your target population carefully.
Many companies will benefit by transitioning from mail-based surveys to online surveys. However,  surveys by mail certainly still have their place in survey research and always will. Nevertheless, continued advances in technology may increasingly diminish that demand.

We shall keep you updated more on this topic. If you are really serious about paid survey by mail, you may have to bookmark this page for future updates.


To be continued….



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