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How To Get Paid To Take Online Surveys

Get paid to take surveys. A lot of people are getting paid for taking online surveys. Unless you are a millionaire or has a tree that grows money at home, you probably need to get paid for online surveys.

We all understand that you cannot get rich in this way, neither can you quit your day job doing this. But at least if you follow the guide here, you would be able to earn enough money to pay your bills.

Get Paid To Take Surveys

Get Paid To Take Surveys

Of course, the traditional way to make money, is by having a day job. You either work for a company or start your own, and the work you do earns you money, which you spend on things like food, clothing, a mortgage, rent, utilities as well as entertainment.

Most people typically work from their company’s head office, a physical space in which everyone from that organization come together to exchange ideas and organize their works.

But a few lucky souls have discovered ways to make money within the comfort of their own home. With the Internet, an ever-changing arena for businesses, some people looking to make money are finding ways to do so. Some ways are suitable for part-time endeavors for those looking to earn a little extra cash on the side, while others can lead to full time jobs and Internet success stories.

We have put together a detailed step by step guide on how you can get paid to take surveys, we’ shall begin by telling you all you need to know about getting paid to do online surveys as well as how it works and websites to join.
Personally, we have been in the business for over five years and can assure you that we have had a lot of experience in this. And have even gotten paid for doing online surveys several times without number.

What is Get paid to take surveys and how does it work?

Get paid to take online surveys are regarded as a market research tool used mainly by a lot businesses to accumulate the information about their customer preferences which can be used to design future products as well as plan advertising campaigns.

We all know that companies and businesses need to have some kind of competitive edge in order to sell their products and services. Some may use low prices; others make use of high quality and some tailor their product features and also advertising campaign specifically to what their potential customers want.

For example, take a look at the television advertising campaign utilized by Apple to promote their Macintosh computers. Apple surveys consumers to figure out what they desired in a home PC. The number one item on the list was being able to plug it in and have it work. In other words, the average home computer user did not want to have to do any kind of configuration when they set up their new computer. That’s what this advertising campaign is built around and, even though the MAC is almost twice as expensive as a PC, this advertising tactic is selling a lot of MACs.

Companies have always offered get paid online surveys to the consumers. They have paid in cash, discount coupons, free gifts, etc. to compensate people for the time it takes them to complete a survey. The information is valuable to the company so they are willing to pay for it.

That fact provides an opportunity for anyone to earn extra money by taking get paid online surveys. If you are ready to explore the possibility of making some extra money go to the signup page and become a member of and get paid online surveys.

Is Get paid to take surveys legit?

Of course some of the online surveys that pay you are legitimate since they make money when you give them your opinions that would help improve their products and services.

Get Paid To Take Surveys Scam

it is fun to get paid to take surveys right from your home, unfortunately with the popularity online surveys is gaining day by day, there seem to be high rate of scams and frauds in the system.
There are many danger and rip-off associated with paid surveys online, for both the market research businesses that administer them as well as the survey takers.

For market research businesses, one of the leading dangers of paid surveys is you are giving people participating in surveys an incentive to lie and also cheat to be able to take more paid surveys. People may lie on their demographic account user profile to be eligible for a more paid surveys. They may register with the same company under numerous e-mail addresses in order to maintain several different profiles. They might rush through multiple-choice paid surveys at random checking answers so as to fill out the paid survey in the least amount of time possible.
By lying as well as cheating on paid surveys, participants will make better money, but the market research company will end up with worthless market research information.

For those who take surveys, it is crucial to realize that paid surveys have become a destination for Internet scam artists. People who take part in paid surveys should be aware that there are lots of unscrupulous middlemen around who claim to sell amazing lists of paid survey companies that can help you “Earn $5000 monthly!” while “Working at home!” Several of these middlemen go as far as charging a sign up fee for accessing their lists, that are in fact are available freely if you do a very simple Google search.

Another paid surveys online at home scam is registering for a paid online survey Site that may turn around and then sell your contact details to spammers. Even though you trust an paid survey at home website’s privacy policy, it is usually smart to sign-up with a different e-mail account from free Webmail sites like Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail.

How To Dictate Get paid Take Survey Scam

It can be difficult to dictate, fraudulent or get paid to take surveys scam. Fraudsters are extremely cunning and very good at creating convincing websites and making it look legit. you have to be very careful to make sure you are not deceived.

You can take these simple steps below to dictate whether a get paid online survey site is legitimate or scam.

  • 1.  Double-check the domain name.

Many of fraudulent get paid to websites will make use of a domain name that references a popular brand or product name. But won’t be the official site.

For instance, site domains like or should raise alarm bells.

You should also be cautious of get paid to take online survey websites that changes domain name as well as hosts. This is mainly to run away from their previous scam activities and begin a new fraudulent activity.

  • 2. Is their offers are too good to be true?

When you see very high earnings, you should be a bit suspicious. If earnings seem too good to be true then, sadly, they probably are scam.

Scam get paid to websites make use of high earnings to lure bargain-hungry survey takers to quickly sign up and start taking surveys.

You can use our tips here for spotting scams to assist you identify if get paid to take survey website is actually a good site or simply a scam

  • 3 Never pay to join or reveal your credit card details

Alarm bells should ring if you are asked to pay before joining or request for your crdeit cards details. This can be used to get all your money without your consent. Also, online surveys are free to join and earn with all over the world. You are even doing them a favour by joining, that’s why you see some get paid to take online surveys offer their new members sign-up bonuses.

  • 4. Browse the website

Take some minutes to chech out the website. Maybe visit the homepage or the ‘About us’, “Privacy polcy” and “terms of use” pages and read the text there.

Watch out for poor English, such as spelling and grammar mistakes, or phrases that do not sound quite right.

It could mean the get paid to do survey site isn’t genuine and was put together by foreigners looking to make a quick cash.

  • 5. You should also check that the site lists any contact information.

Reputable as well as legitimate companies will always list ways members can get in touch with them; if the get paid to surveys online doesn’t have a ‘Contact us’ page, it could well be fraudulent. Please stay away.

If the survey company does have ‘Contact us’ page but only provide a form to fill out, beware as this could also be an indication of a dubious company.

Any survey company should list a place of business, as well as a phone number or email address through which members can contact them.

If none of this info is available, you should treat the get paid to survey site as highly suspicious.

The site should also have terms and conditions, as well as a privacy policy that reveals to you exactly what they plan to do with any data you share and also any extra contractual rights you may have.

  • 6. Read some online reviews.

Look at reviews across a number of sources, like Trustpilot, Feefo or Sitejabber, which aggregate customer reviews.

  • 7. Do not look at just one review site

Check several of them to avoid being influenced by potentially fake reviews carried out by paid fraudsters.

  • 8. Check site profile

You need to also check the company’s social media pages for recent activity and to see what other people are posting on their social threads. Or contact many of their members there to inquire about the site’s legitimacy.

  • 9. Outrageous testimonials.

While it may be possible to get paid to take surveys, you will not be able to make a fortune for a few minutes of work. Taking surveys is easy work however you are not going make $20 or $30 dollars a minute for your time. A lot of testimonials are written by grifters, unscrupulous professional writers and outright criminals. Don’t buy their lies.

  1. 10. Employee checks.

Most of the checks are bogus or are the exception rather than the rule. The best way to get the real one is to ask members directly from social media etc.

How To find Get paid To Take Surveys Legit

#1. Legitimate site post a privacy policy that clearly states exactly what they are going to do with your private information. If they say they share your info with partners and associates, they are more than likely will sell you information to the highest bidder. Don’t risk it. but no legitimate site will do that.
#2. They post contact info and usually have an “About” page describing what their company does. Personally, we do not trust a get paid to take online surveys that won’t provide a way for us to contact them if I have a question or a problem they need to solve.

#3. A legit get paid to do survey site does not guarantee a specific amount of money you can earn. In fact they will always have an income disclaimer posted on their website to make sure you understand that the amount of money you earn is depends on what demographic group you are in as well as how much time and effort you put taking surveys.
#4. While there are a lot of reputable get paid to sites on the web, there are also plenty of scam sites. Legit get paid to survey site does not ask for sensitive personal info which includes social security number, credit card details, date of birth, bank account details, etc.

#5. Registered with the BBB – If you go to the Better Business Bureau website, you will see good reviews about the site. Doing business with a site that has good or no reviews is better than one with many negative reviews. Research the business or organization before you trust its website. Just perform the simple name search on the Better Business Bureau’s site to check out consumer complaints and to verify the organization’s info and you will find good things about them. Also go to RipOffReport and search for the organization; you will be able to read about positive or negative experiences from users concerning the get paid to site of which you’re unsure of.
#6. Check other people’s reviews – If you type the site’s domain name, followed by “reviews”, into a search engine. Normally, you will discover search results for other people’s experiences in dealing with the get paid to survey company. A legit site will have many positive customer reviews.

#7. Check out the sites you find in search engines for contact info. Search for the organization or business name, physical address as well as telephone number. Verify the listed contact details on the site by directly contacting the organization. Ask the business or organization if the site you are visiting is definitely their website. Contact details listed on a site shows that the website where you get paid to take surveys has nothing to conceal and can easily be found, something which malicious or scam websites may not have.
#8. Look out for security certificates and measures on get paid to sites you intend to join. Search for a “padlock” icon in the bottom-right side of your web browser or right-hand-side of your address bar, which shows that the site is a secure connection. Check the URL in the address bar for “https” before the domain name, as the “s” means that the site is secure and not a phishing attempt. Look for third-party security logos on the site, such as VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) network logo. although you can also find some legit get paid to take surveys that still make use of HTTP. But this is not common.
#9. Also, Check your Internet browser to ensure that the site has an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate, a digital certificate that assits your browser identify trustworthy websites. Extended Validation Certificates atimes appear as a green or gray box to the left side of the browser’s address bar which contains the organization’s name. A lot of e-commerce merchants, banking sites and other websites where you need input sensitive identity info contain these certificates.
Being a victim of a get paid to sites scam is never a pleasant experience. Just follow these simple guidelines to protect yourself online and also create the best possible money making experience. If you are suspicious of any get paid to take survey site, take a moment to research and investigate it before signing up with them.

How To Get Paid Take Surveys

This is the step by step guide to get paid to take online surveys. Follow this steps and you will definitely make it taking surveys online.

Tools needed to get started:


  •  (i) Payment Account

First, you need a payment account. And majority of these companies pay through Paypal. So, if you don’t already have a Paypal account, you need to sign up for one. Visit to create an account. It is free. But make sure to verify your account so as to have full access to all its features. The verification process is quite simple and do not require any payment whatsoever.

  • (ii) Roboform

Roboform is a software that will help you fill out surveys without stress. You do not have to fill in the surveys once you get the software set up. All you have to do is open each paid survey and then use the software to complete them with just a click of bottom. If you are interested in this, you may visit to download the free trial software version. You may also choose to upgrade to paid version for more features if you desire. Note that this software is highly recommended if you intend to sign up for more than one survey companies.

  • (iii) Email Account

Using a separate email address from your primary one is highly recommended. This will help you cope with spam. If you are joining more than one websites then you need multiple email accounts. Just visit,, hotmail etc to create free email accounts.

<em>Now, you are all set to go!</em>

  • Step 1.
    Visit each of the get paid to take online survey sites below and register using one email address on one site. As soon as you fill up the sign up form and submit, a confirmation email will be sent to your email account which you use during the registration. Open your email and confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the message, and your account will be verified. Do the same on all the websites you desire to join. Some website may not send verification link, in case you found nothing, no problem, just move on to the next step.


  • Step 2.
    Login back the site using the email or surname and the password you input during the registration. Go to your profile and complete all the required information there such as you age, sex, location etc. Note that this is extremely important because the number of surveys you receive depends on your profile information. So the more information you fill in, the more survey opportunities you receive and the more money you will earn.


  • Step3.
    You can now search for paid surveys on the website and complete all the available ones. There are some surveys that may disqualify you. No problem, it is normal. Just move on to the next available. Complete each survey truthfully without leaving any question unanswered. There are some sites that only send you surveys through email. So always check your email, do this regularly, at least three times each day.
    Visit all the websites you registered on and take any availble survey daily

What is the best online survey site to make money?

For now the favorite best survey site to make money is Swagbucks because they have lots of good paying surveys as well as different ways to make money. Follow the tips on how to get paid to take surveys on swagbucks here to make more money.

What are some survey sites that actually pay?

Below we have listed some other survey sites that actually pay you. You can go through them to choose the ones that suit you best.

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