Online Surveys For Money Legit & Scam Review 2017

Online surveys for money. A lot of people these days are making money online filling surveys for money. If you are broke and looking for ways to make money through online surveys, we have the solution to your financial problem. And taking online surveys for money is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Online Surveys for Money

Online Surveys for Money

Unless you are a freegan and have figured out a way to live completely off the grid, you probably need some kind of steady income in order to survive. The normal way to make money, of course, is just by having a day job. You either work for a firm or established your own business, and the work you do makes you money, which you spend on things like a mortgage, rent, food, clothing, utilities as well as entertainment.

Most people usually work from their company’s main office, a physical space where everybody from the organization gathers to share ideas as well as organize their efforts.

However a few lucky souls have figured out ways to earn money within the comfort of their various own home by doing online surveys for money. With the Internet, an ever-changing arena for businesses, some people looking to make money are finding ways to be able to do so. Some forms are best suitable for part-time endeavors for those looking to make a little extra money on the side, while others may lead to full-time jobs and also Internet success stories.

For taking online survey, so many people earn through this medium. Everyone needs to get paid for taking online survey even thou it’s not something that can make you a millionaire nor you can quit your job for, but it can pay you enough to handle your bills.

Although the most common conventional way of making is by getting employed somewhere, or be an entrepreneur, and the revenue you generate takes care of your bills, rents, clothing, utilities and also entertainment and so on. As some people work from their offices usually from the company’s head office where the staffs of that organization/company come together to share ideas and plan their work, others on the other hand had their luck shining as they uncover ways to earn income from the comfort of their homes. Provided there’s an internet connection, and a business friendly environment, many have found ways to earn money online either as part-time or full time.

In this article, you’ll be enlightened on ways to earn money taking surveys, how they work and survey sites to follow up. This article was written based on the experiences acquired in over five years of doing this business and has earned through this medium several times.

Online surveys for money and its mode of operation

Online surveys for money is referred to as a means to conduct market research used by most companies to gather facts and information about their products and the customer’s perspective of their products and its useful to them for future purposes in the areas of redesigning and organizing advertising strategies.

As we all know, competitions is healthy between business co-operations and companies in other to promote and enhance in the product production. As some use the quality of the products to keep their customers in check, others might use make their products cheaper and advertises to the taste of their customers.

For instance, using the apple television advertising campaign for the promotion of their Macintosh computer, they were able to figure out what customers wanted in a home PC. The first thing they discovered was that customers would just want to plug it and it’ll start working without any manner of configurations when it’s set up. Notwithstanding the high prices of their PC, as much as twice the price of the random PC, still their advertising strategy helps them to see many of their MACs.

Companies have used discount coupons, gift cards, or even cash and so on to compensate consumers for their time taken in participating in these online surveys because they are aware that the information gotten from these surveys are very valuable.

This creates an opportunity for someone to be earning extra cash just by taking paid online surveys. All you have to do is to go to the site of any paid online surveys and sign up on their home page, participate and be earning.
To be paid while working from the comfort of your house is so nice but there’s high rate of frauds and scams now associated with online paid survey due to its rising popularity.

Problems of online surveys for money

Problems associated with these paid online surveys for both companies that give surveys and their customers that participate. These problems are as follows;
For these companies conducting the market research, a lot of challenges have been facing them in terms of frauds and scam associated it these surveys. These customers tend to say false things just to qualify for a survey they know they don’t qualify for, or they end up opening multiple e-mail accounts just for one site in other to earn more bonus and incentives given. Some end up giving non quality surveys as they’ll be struggling to meet up with the survey time frame, all in an attempt to earn more. All these things make these research companies to end up with non- valuable information which will not be useful to them.

On the other hand, for those that partake in these paid online surveys, it is necessary to note down that there are lots and lots of scammers out there who design these sites and trick you into signing up with them, all with the assurance that you can earn up to $4000 within a month. They also can charge you a sign-up fee to access their list whereas you can easily get this list in the normal Google search.

Another problem these sites pose is that the scammers in return sell your private information or contacts to spammers. So therefore, even though you have trusted their privacy policy so much, it is always reasonable to sign up using different e-mail account from the webmail sites example Hotmail and yahoo.

There are few steps to take in other to keep these scammers and fraudsters in check because there are very tricky and smart and know best to convince you that they are not scam. It can be so difficult finding out if they are truly legit, so you can embark on these steps below in other to keep their legitimacy in check;

  • A. Always try checking the domain name twice;

Most of these fraudulent get paid to take survey site have this habit of referring to a well-known product or brand name whereas they are not their official site taking domains such as or as examples. Also beware of gate paid for online survey sites that would want to become invisible from their previous fraudulent activities by changing domain name and host.

  • B. Excellent Offers

Most of these scammers tend to lure participants with a very big offer that you’ll earn very high, you should bear in mind never to pay any dime before you sign up or give your credit card details. These high promised earnings most times indicate that they are fraud. So it is advised that you flee from such sites. Online surveys are non-demanding and free to partake in and that’s why most of these legit paid to take online survey offer bonus to their new member, so you are at risk of losing all your earnings in that card without your consent when your card detail is given out.

  • C. Perouse through the website

Take your time to go through the websites checking things out like their privacy police, terms of use, about us and look out or poor grammatical conduct or phrases that don’t just add up. All these could either mean the paid online survey site isn’t legit or foreign bodies came together to make quick cash and run off. Check to know if there’s any contact information listed on the site, if there’s none, stay away because it could be fraud as legit paid online survey sites always leave their contacts details where participants can easily reach them if need be.
Some might not have contact details but will have series of forms to fill out, beware as this could as well be fraud from fraudulent sites. Any paid online survey site must provide their contact details or e-mail where they can easily be contacted. Flee from such site if there’s none of these provided.
Every get paid for online survey sites should have privacy policy and term and conditions so that you can know for sure what the private details you are about to give them will be used for and if any contractual right you may possess.

  • D. Read Reviews

Go through online reviews from multiple sources such as Feefo, Sitejabber, trustpilot and so on. Reading these reviews that is going through reviews from different sources will enable you stay clear of the manipulations or persuasions from fake reviews done by paid fraudsters.

  • E. Check their social media pages

Check to see what people post and say on their social page and also look out for their recent activities, call or get in contact with many of their members so that you can keep the site’s legitimacy in check.

  • F. Extravagant Recommendation or Testimonials

Don’t fall for the lies told by the testimonials of the grifters, unscrupulous professional writers, or criminals that promise you that you can earn up to $30 within few minutes

  • G. Employee checks

Most of these checks are not genuine or any different from the main rule as you can easily ask directly for their contacts from social media.

Ways to know Online surveys for money legit

  • * There’s always a privacy policy for the site where it’ll state openly their intentions towards your private details on any legitimate site. Don’t take the risk if they say that partners and associates might also share your private details with them because any legitimate site won’t try it.


  • * Legitimate sites always have an “about” page where description about the company is given and they provide contact info where they’ll be contacted if problems or questions arise and they’ll need to solve it. Never trust any paid online survey sites that don’t have these qualities especially contact info.


  • * Legitimate paid online survey sites do not assure their participants of a fixed income to be earned in their site. An income disclaimer is always uploaded in their sites so as to prevent misunderstanding and understand that you earn according to your demographic details provided or according to the time and effort you put in the paid online survey site.


  • * Legitimate paid online survey sites avoid asking personal or private sensitive questions such as your credit card details, bank details, social security number, date of birth and so on. So don’t sign up if they request for these because they’re probably a scam.


  • * Most legit paid online survey site are registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When you visit the BBB site, you’ll see good reviews about them. It is more preferable to be in business with a site that has good or no reviews, than a site with so many negative reviews. All you need to do is to simply search for their name on the Better Business Bureau site and view the consumer’s complains about them and to confirm the organization information. You’ll get to see good reviews about them. Another site you can conduct this search is RipOffReport site and you can view both the negative and positive reports from consumers concerning the paid online survey site you are doubting.


  • * Use search engines to check other reviews. Simply type the “domain name” of the paid online survey site with “review” attached to the name and search, you’ll get to view results from random people’s experiences about the site. A legit site will have many good and positive reviews than bad reviews.


  • * Confirm the sites you see in search engines for contact info. Look for the company or business name, their physical address, or phone numbers. Try contacting the site or company using the contact details given on their website. Inquire from them to be sure that the site you are visiting is truly theirs. Revealing their contact details shows that the site has nothing to hide and this is an attribute that’ll help you differentiate a legit website from fraudulent ones.


  • * Search for security certificates and measures on the paid online survey site you want to join. Check to see if there’s a “padlock” icon on the bottom-right of your web browser or on the right-hand-side of the address bar, if it is there, then it means that the paid online survey site is a secure connection. Also look out at the URL in the address bar for “https” just before the domain name because the “s” in it shows that it is secure and not a malicious site although there are some legit sites that use “HTTP” but it is rare. Also check if there’s any third-party security logo like the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) network logo.


  • * Visit your internet browser and make sure that the site contains an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, EV is a digital certificate that enables or helps your browser to identify reliable or truthful websites. EV sometimes is either green or gray in color box that appears on the left side of the browser’s address bar that contains the company’s name. So many e-commerce merchants, banking sites and similar sites that demands for sensitive demographic information have these certificates contained in them.


  • These few points and guidelines will guide and help you to protect you from fraudulent sites because being a victim of these fraudulent sites is not an experience to behold. Start following this steps to verify any paid online survey site once you get suspicious before you sign up and find yourself experiencing the best money making ways.

List Of Online Surveys for Money

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the websites where you do noonline surveys for money. It is very popular and thanks to a wide variety of ways to make money. Exclusive signup bonus!  Swagbucks is also a reliable online survey who also offer rewards for playing games and watching videos apart from surveys.

Its surveys take around 10 minutes to complete, which means you can earn about £4.40 an hour. Swagbucks also offers members the ability to do online surveys from multiple providers and provide you consolation points when you do not qualify for a survey.

Everybody loves Swagbucks, and have hear positive reviews from their members about them too. We have found that taking surveys and polls everyday offers the best return for your time, however, you can also do a much wider range of offers to bump up your earnings.

The rewards are real cash, gift cards and prize draws. The amount per survey is 70 points called SB (40p). And the minimum reward threshold is 1 SB.

  • Toluna

Toluna is another site to take online surveys for money. You an also Test and keep products as well as earn vouchers.  A trusted survey website working on behalf of top companies. They want to know what you think about a particular products, services and problems.  In return, you will be rewarded! Rewards: Free products, Amazon vouchers and prize draws.

You can also answer online surveys on the website to earn yourself points which equal money. Each of their survey takes around 15 minutes to fill, so it will take about four hours overall to earn a voucher.

Note that you won’t be sent products to test all the always, but you will receive a couple over the space of a few months. So it is worth joining just to get freebies.

Amount per survey is 3,000 – 6,000 points (80,000 points gets you a £15 voucher). The minimum withdrawal requirement  is  500 for prizes, 80,000 for vouchers.


  • Yougov

Yougov is one of the popular surveys for money websites. This is a bit different to others, it focuses more on social issues as well as general interest topics. YouGov polls include topics like politics, public affairs and also commercial products. Great if you have big views! Earn 50p per survey. The online surveys can take up to thirty minutes but are not as frequent as you may expect. We received one or 2 a fortnight, so it can take some months to hit the threshold.

`But, you get £1 just for signing up and if you get your friends to join too you can quickly get many more points and cash! YouGov is one of the more interesting websites to register on because of the kinds of online surveys they conduct. Most are on current affairs that are in the news and they encourage you to express your point of views. They rewards in Cash as well as prize draws.  The amount per survey is 50points which is equal £3. The minimum reward requirement £50.

  • Vivatic

Vivatic is a website that allows you to earn money for online surveys and also a number of other jobs which includes writing of reviews & data entry. Vivatic is a great online survey website. Online surveys take about 15 mininutes to complete so it may take you a little while to reach the minimum requirement however the good news is that there is a lot more additional money making opportunities that they have so well worth joining.  They reward with money. The amount per survey is between £1 – 2. Minimum requirement is £25.

  • MySurvey

This is one of the online surveys for money reward website that has been online and paying without issue since inception.  A popular consumer panel that are always looking for new members to users in market research studies for money rewards.

The average online survey takes about 15 minutes to finish, and gives you 100 points. So you can earn about £3-£5 per hour.

Another one worth registering for. Members got lots of onlime surveys sent from thiswebsite, and they tend to match your profile and interests as a consumer.

The Rewards online surveys for money via PayPal payments, Amazon gift cards and high-street vouchers. The Amount per surv about 100s. And the Minimum reward threshold is 345 points equal to £3.


  •  Valued Opinions

It pays money for online surveys and has been doing that since they were established onine. They are part of a larger market research group. And they send out online surveys to members whose profiles match broad demographics and requirements.

Firstly, registering with Valued Opinions automatically enters you into their prize draw for an iPad. From there, they make use of your profile to send you relevant paid online surveys to complete.

The onine survey are usuallyvery interesting, and can take around 10-30 minutes each, so within just one hour you can bag yourself rewards such as money,  Amazon gift cards, M&S, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis.

The amount of moneypaid per survey is £1 – £5. And the minimum payout is £10.


  • Crowdology

Is another top online survey site that pays money.  They work with big brands and TV shows such as Pointless. Instead of offering points they just give you money for completing online surveys. And the online surveys tend to take around 2 to 15 minutes to finish and it is obviouslydifficult to see the higher paying surveys.

Check out for regular prize draws with pprizes suchas Bose headphones and 12 months Spotify Premium subscription all up for grabs.

A popular online survey site that instantly rewards members with vouchers.

The online surveys are Rewarded with money through PayPal and Amazon.

And the amount per online survey is 40points equal to £10 per survey. The Minimum reward threshold is £4 or £10 for Amazon.

  • OnePoll

Is a website where you can take online surveys for money with Exclusive £5 signup bonus. They are best known  their short, quick online surveys about every topic.  OnePoll provide online surveys press and major brands.

They were one of the first online survey sites around and have always got quick and fun online to answer. Check out for the online surveys about celebs.

Their online surveys take about 3 minutes so at 20 points a survey (average) it will take you around to earn £40.

Members need to check their account daily for available online surveys. Note that some users report you get stuck just under the £40 threshold. If this happens you complete this byreferring a friend for £4 and then withdraw your money.

They Rewards Cash via PayPal payments. The Amount per online survey is 10points equal to £1. And the Minimum reward threshold is £40.


Is one of the well known places to take paid online surveys for money. They are one of the largest and best paying survey-based market research companies around the world, working with trusted brands and research companies worldwide.

A well-trusted survey panel. They send you online Surveys every week answer by email. The reward threshold is very low, and most people will be able to withdraw their money in under ten online surveys.

The survey rewards are High-street and Amazon Vouchers as well as prize draws for all members. And the amount per survey is £1. While the Minimum reward threshold is £10.

  • Survey Bods

Is one of the popular site for online surveys. They have been online and paying without issues. Their online surveys usually take about 10 minutes and are quute easy to complete. But you have to be completely as honest as possible because they have a “strike system”. That once you have three bad surveys and you are out.

They are a well trusted website that works with top brands and well worth joining through the link here for a £3 bonus when registering. Also make sure you complete your account profile too. Plus their websiteis a lot more snazzy than plenty of the others…

You will earn £3 upon joining and profile completion. SurveyBods also work with top companies that want your opinion. And rewards money, Amazon vouchers and prize draws. Amount per online survey is 50points equal to £3 and Minimum reward threshold of £15


  • Populuslive

Is among the online survey sites that offer money for surveys. You will earn £1 for every 5 minutes you complete survey.They are a big UK survey website that provide stats to the press and current affairs programmers.

It is crucial that you fill in your profile fully in order to get the maximum number of online surveys and also be very careful with the answersyou provide because they have quality checks in place to make sure you are not cheating or rushing through the surveys.

PopulusLive is one of the favorites among the online surveys taking community because of their decent payout. It may take time to reach the minimum cash out and their surveys run out quickly once they have enough respondents Cash. The amount per survey is £2 and the Minimum reward threshold is 50 points equal to £50.

Global Test Market is another survey sites that pay money for online surveys. You are capable of earning about £100 per year.

It is a popular US survey site but they pay out cheques in £s.

Their surveys take about 15 minutes each complete so you may be earning £4.80 per hour. Be aware that Check do take long time to arrive in the post, and do not wast your time with the ‘prize draw’ surveys unless you think you are very lucky. The Rewards is in Cash gift cards and prize draws. The Amount per survey is £1.20. And the reward threshold is 1000 points equal to $50/£32.

  • Opinion Outpost

Is one of the paid survey site with cash for surveys. It is also oneof the lowest payout thresholds in the industry. OpinionOutpost have shot up in popularity due to fast payouts and fun online surveys. They reward money and Amazon gift cards. The amount credited per survey is 50 points and the minimum reward threshold is £2.50

Members just need to complete 5 online surveys to be due a payout and they take about 10-15 minutes each.


  • OpinionPanel

Community are a trusted website and their online surveys take about 10 minutes to complete. The majority of online surveys usually pay out about £1-2.

There is also mobile compatibility therefore you can complete online surveys on the go.

They are the United Kingdom’s largest research  mainly for students &graduates or any individual aged 16-25. They offer interesting online surveys and online focus groups for big brands companies and universities, with their research usually reaching the media spotlight!

They rewards money for surveys,  Amazon gift cards and  vouchers etc

The amount per online survey completed is 50 points which is equal to £4 per survey, £30 to £50 for online focus groups. And the Minimum reward threshold is £25

Mindmoveris another pace to complete Interesting surveys on consumer products

  • Mindmover

It permits you to share your opinions on everything from food to public transport. They reward moneyfor surveys and  amount paid per survey is 50 points which is equal to £1.50. And theMinimum reward threshold is £20.MindMover is a decent alternative but it can take time to build up the points as online surveys are at times few and far between.

  • iPoll

It is among the websites that offer online surveys for money and also with Mobile compatibility & multiple payout opportunities.

It will take you around 15 minutes to complete a survey but the range of rewards are decent.

The only downside is that the amount of surveys tends to be quite low.

iPoll was formerly known as Survey Heads and are a US based survey company. That Reward money, vouchers & magazine subscriptions for surveys. The  amount per online survey is 40p points equal to £1.70. And the Minimum. reward threshold is £20

  • Hiving

Is an online survey that reward you about 50 points per minute when completing online surveys and you can withdraw as soon as you reach 4000 points which is equal to £4. They also reward members for referring friends and family and give you points even if you are declined for an online survey.

The  Rewards is in Cash. And the Amount per survey is 50 points. The Minimum reward threshold is £4

  • Panelbase

This is a survey panel that you can earn £3 just for signing up!£3 just for signing up to a website is a bit of a no-brainer… The online surveys pay out higher than the industry average too which gives members the opportunity to earn some good dough!

But they do select their online survey respondents very carefully so you may be sent slightly less opportunities than other websites. Just make sure you fully complete your profile to give yourself the best chance of getting more surveys.

PanelBase aren’t your average survey website. They do not inundate you with online surveys, but the ones they do send are very well paid and relevant to your profile info.

The  Rewards are in Cash, vouchers and prize draws. And the amount per survey completed is 50 points which is equal to £10.The Minimum reward threshold is £10.

  • Pinecone research

Is an online survey for money company where you can earn £3 per online survey, invite only. Pinecone are an exclusive online survey and product testing company who are invite only survey.

The rewards is £3 per survey completed, free products to test and keep. The  amount per survey is £3 andMinimum reward threshold is £3.

PineconePinecone is the Holy Grail of survey sites and invites are rare so it is well worth signing up while we have some invites on offer. The payout is huge and the onlinesurveys take too long to complete. You may at times get sent products to test and keep too!

However, there’s no guarantee that they will be open to new sign ups at any one time. You may join their newsletter to get updates whenever it comes up.


  • NewVista

It is a website that offers users money for completing online surveys where 1 point is equal to £1. For some, it can take a while to reach the £50 Minimum cash out however theonline surveysnormally take just 15 minutes £4/hour and they pay well.

A leading marketing research companay which has chosen to conduct  online surveys rather than traditional cold-calling and so on.

Be sure you answer all the questions honestly as NewVista are known for chucking in a few red herrings to make sure you are actually thinking rather than speeding through.

The rewards is Cash and prize draw and the Amountper survey is about £1. Minimum reward threshold is £50.

More websites to take Online Surveys For Money:

  • Rewardingways
  • Vindale Research
  • Prizerebel
  • Instagc
  • Isurveyworld
  • Offernation
  • Opinionoutpost


We shall always update you more on this so make sure to bookmark this page or visit regularly if are still interested more on this online surveys for money.


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Top 20 Legit Paid Survey Sites that Pay Through Paypal, Check

Legit Paid Survey Sites

Legit Paid Survey Sites

Legit survey sites have been become popular searched keyword used by people who are looking to avoid scam while taking online surveys. This prompted use to list and discuss these top 20 legitimate paid survey websites which also pay its members through Paypal, Payza, check or bank wire. So, if you are really and seriously interested in carrying out surveys for legitimate paid survey sites, you are in the right post.

There have been a lot of inquiries about which companies online have the legitimate paid surveys that really pay  through Paypal, Payza, Check, Bank wire transfer.

Here, we have done extensive research and lots of testing just to make sure you are provided with nothing but the list of Top 20 legit paid survey sites that actually pay to help get you started in your quest to earn big via online surveys.

Not just legit paid survey websites but also popular and easy to work with.

As you must have noticed, the number of paid online surveys scam is becoming increasingly alarming and the speed at which more keep poping out makes it extremely difficult or near impossible to locate the genuine as well as the highest paid survey sites. Adding to it the up surge in the number of online scams presently, making money online via paid surveys has suddenly become a mare for newbies and novice who are desperate to earn extra cash to supplement their income.

Are You tired of earning little with online surveys? Or you are new in the system and looking for genuine paid online survey websites to settle with? Okay, you want to earn big via paid online surveys?

If your answer is yes on one of the above questions, then we have got you covered!

We shall not only reveal the best paid survey websites but also guide on how to avoid scam and also how to earn big using the using highest paying online survey websites we listed here.

How to Avoid Paid Survey Sites Scam

There are many paid online surveys sites now available that in one sense the consumer has not ever had it so good, but in a different way finding the best paid survey websites have become a hard hunt. What is better than relaxing at home, beach or in the garden and getting paid online to reply to questions about products and services? Don’t get worried about scams, we have made things easy for you with this guide on how to avoid scams while taking paid surveys online.

Let’s get started!

As good as the idea of paid online surveys sounds, many of the claims seem too good to be true. This is due to many of the online sites extolling the virtues of paid surveys are nothing but big time scams. Do not fall for all the hype. Beware of any site that provides any of the following:

Outrageous testimonials – while it is possible to make extra money doing paid online surveys, you will not make a fortune for a few minutes of work. Online Surveys taking is simple work but you are not going to be paid $100 or $200 dollars a minute for your time. A lot of testimonials are written by grifters, unscrupulous professional writers as well as outright criminals. Please, don’t buy their lies.

•Income guarantees – there is absolutely in no way anybody can guarantee you a certain amount income from taking paid online surveys because you are in control how many of the ones you are offered that you actually take.

•Members’ Checks – most of the “checks” are bogus, fake or are the exception rather than the rule.

How can you then protect yourself from this scams? You need to do your homework, especially if the site is charging a fee for providing you with online surveys.

•Read each website’s privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimers, “about us” page, etc. If a privacy policy and a disclaimer are not provided, run as fast as you can. Don’t look back! Genuine businesses always provide a privacy policy and a disclaimer to avoid being sued by their clients.

•Search for their contact information. Genuine business will provide their with a postal address, not just a PO Box and or an email address, and will also define their legal jurisdiction in disclaimer or one of the other legal documents. If this information is not provided, don’t trust or sign up with them.

•Do a whois lookup on their domain name to see who actually owns it. A lot of websites they own and also whether they are frequently changing hosting companies as well as domain names.

The list of websites we found, tested and confirmed as the highest paid online surveys presently


Swagbucks –  First thing that hits you between the eyes whenever you enter the Swagbucks online surveys website is a number. A large number. Their complete pay out to date is more than one hundred million dollars, and its going up by the day as people generate rewards completing online surveys, watching videos as well as by doing their shopping online. That is one thing We loved most about Swagbucks, apart from their catchy and amusing name, you can generate rewards by simply doing the things you would be doing anyway.


2. Vindale Research Vindale Research has a clinical name, and they are not the most exciting paid opinion website to take part in, but they’re well-established and thus if you’re seeking to complete online surveys for money you’re sure to encounter them at some point. One important thing We liked most about them is because they show your earnings in terms of cents and dollars, instead of that you then have to in your head convert like so many others do. They’re seriously online survey focused, however, many people think that it requires too long to get their hands on the cash. Nevertheless they have paid out money adding up to more than 5 million dollars, therefore they are a legitimate company. If you wish to learn more about this paid survey site, pay them a visit.


3. PrizeRebe
Prize Rebel has been around in operation for Nine years, and it has paid out a lot more than 9 million us dollars in their time. On their home screen it also lets you know just how much it’s paid to their members within the last Twenty four hours. That’s actually comforting, especially to individuals people a novice to paid online survey panels and also who get worried they may well be a scam. This is really no rip-off, and also by offering daily challenges, with additional points as incentives, they will really motivate you to clock up your points. 100 points is the equal of a dollar, and they will pay out in gift cards, by means of Paypal, and even in Bitcoins. To find out more, visit the site.


4. Superpayme – 
The # 1 reason I loved this the very best from the 30-something websites I had the opportunity or bad luck to test, was without doubt its flexibility. This flexibility exists not just in the incentive system as well as the referral program – that are essential aspects on their own – however obviously exhibits in their online surveys too. Completing dull online surveys usually seems like hard work, despite the fact that it’s actually not if you think about this. With MySurvey, you will notice a lot of various subjects.

With respect to the period of these online surveys, you’ll be able to generate anything from Ten to Five hundred points for each, given if you have been able to qualify of course. To learn more, check out MySurvey site.

While we was timed out a few times, We have been able to successfully complete almost all the surveys, as well as far more points (equal to cash) than at some other websites that We have tried out. 1200 points equates to to about $10 and you may get around 400 points for a one online survey. That is decent.

Another thing is the incentive system. There might be a service that provides much more choices than MySurvey, however the sheer volume of possibilities that I have encountered here was just astounding.

Amazon gift certificates and PayPal must be common choices, so naturally like the majority of sites MySurvey had all those. These people didn’t stop there though. Right now (we double checked) in addition they offer various sweepstakes, gift certificates to restaurants, you could donate to charities via them, they’ve iTune gift certificates, their own personal merchandising products as well as Starbucks, Walmart and also Tango gift cards among a lot more options!

To finish it off, their bare minimum required balance for withdrawals presently stands at a measly $10 limit, that is once more something which is excellent for we survey fanatics. We do nott like if we are limited relating to withdrawal alternatives. At Mysurvey, there aren’t any such limitations.


5. Isurveyworld
Congrats go to Isurveyworld, that gets place on our set of the highest paying survey sites, but what makes it so excellent? Over all else is always that it has a huge amount of online surveys to select from, therefore there is really one thing for everybody. It does this mainly because it includes online surveys available from a range of other top online survey providers, such as Toluna and Valued Opinions. This is open to users around the globe too, and payment can be achieved by using a gift card or sent securely to a PayPal account. It’s a worthy number one.


6. Toluna.
Toluna is a huge name in the realm of paid online survey websites, as soon as you have tested it you will soon understand why. It’s distinctive functions which raise it above almost all the competitors, for example ‘gifties’ which let you offer rewards received to buddies – even when they do not make use of Toluna themselves. Additionally, it has a battles segment, exactly where people can look for viewpoint on which of two specific products is better. It is fun completely, nevertheless in addition, it does the serious bit of making money very well. More than 9 million members can’t be wrong, which means you know that Toluna is among the free online survey sites that are legitimate and a straightforwardway to generate a little bit much more cash in your free time.


7. OpinionPlus
All of us have a viewpoint, now Opinion Plus will transform your viewpoint into money in your pocket thanks to their intuitive and simple to use paying survey website. This scores highly since the online surveys are tailored to every individual user, however they still send out regular invitations which means you won’t be waiting around for a thing to complete or, a whole lot worse, filling out online surveys which you aren’t qualified to receive and won’t earn money from. They give payments by means of PayPal only, however their payout rates are amongst the very best which we have seen.


10. Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research has got a great status among the best online survey websites, and we are very happy to report that it lived up to that popularity as we discuss this here. It has a really large as well as varied amount of online surveys on offer, tailored to you as well as your location. They’re typically short and simple to complete, and that obviously indicates you can get more completed and thus earn more money. With 3 us dollars paid per online survey, usually, along with the chance to get involved in advanced product testing also, that brings with it more paid online survey chances, Pinecone has a great deal to recommend it.

Cashcrate – No. 10 Best Paid Survey Sites
Cash Crate appears great as soon as you peer on them with the cool graphics as well as green and white color scheme. That is always an optimistic sign, simply because it shows that money has been invested in the website meaning that there is cash to be paid to consumers like us. I have listened to tales of people producing regular daily incomes with Cash Crate, even though as with all our top 20 websites it will take time regardless of whether you’re completing online surveys or earning money via their social interaction section. Some Tips I especially liked about it is that you could download it straight onto an Android phone, and then make cash on the move.


11. Surveysavvy
Among the great things about Survey Savvy is they do offer a huge assortment of online surveys to pick from, so you won’t simply be talking about the consumer products which you buy on a daily basis. They’ve surveys online on topical issues and regarding politics in general, however don’t worry you don’t have to be a political animal in order to complete the online survey – you need to simply have an opinion. One more thing I truly appreciated about survey savvy is the fact that their surveys online are brief and quick, and you could complete them within 10 mins or even less. Which means you can quickly generate the points that could then be exchanged into folding cash.


ZoombuckNo. 11 Best Paid Survey Websites
If longevity is a symbol of quality, and let’s admit it in the arena of business it usually is, then there’s no doubt concerning Zoombucks deserving to be inside our 2016 survey panels top 20. This business has been carrying out paying online survey panels since 1946, thus just think how many consumers they’ve assisted since then. Things have changed since the 40’s, so you won’t have to sit in a draughty hall, you could answer all the surveys online over the internet. There’s plenty of surveys online to pick from as well, and they promise fast pay outs.

<p>Clixsense continues to be providing online paid surveys since 2005, as well as in the fast paced each and every changing world of the web that’s a reassuringly long period of time. They’re a bit of an acquired taste, because they concentrate on long, detailed online surveys for high end clients as opposed to the fast and cheerful consumer online surveys that you might be more familiar with. Although this does mean that you might need to commit a bit more time, it does mean that if you’ve got the patience to persevere with them they pay more cash than most online survey and reward websites. They also offer local taste tests (see what We said about ‘an acquired taste’?), as well as secret shopper opportunities.


YouGov – USNo. 13 Best Paid Survey Websites
Ipsos undoubtedly are a globally respected name with regards to opinion polls and market research, and also by getting involved in their online survey websites you could help them gain the essential information that assists them make business, consumer and also political predictions. In contrast to many of the other websites to feature in our top websites it concentrates exclusively and purely on offering online surveys. Through focusing on just one thing they have become very good at it, with plenty of online surveys on offer. In addition, it means you won’t be distracted by video watching and also game playing that normally pays much less.


GlobalTestMarketNo. 14 Best Paid Survey Websites
Global Test Market’s tagline is that they are ‘a rewarding experience’, and placement within our paid online survey panels top reward sites that is pretty much the truth. As soon as you click on the website you’re welcomed by a video demonstrating how it works, and also how you can earn money. It’s a nice, encouraging touch, so you won’t need to worry whether or not this is a genuine website or not. Online surveys available cover a wide spectrum, from household shopping, to restaurants and also motor cars, so you will find something you want to complete, and also something you are eligible for. In 2014 they paid out around 30 million dollars, and it is easy to gain a share of that cash.

image -No. 15 Best Paid Survey Websites
Move onto the iPoll survey website, and you will see a pleasant cartoon of a guy walking his dog while products. Their boast is that because of its web, iPhone and also Android platforms, you can complete online surveys in your own home, in the office, by the pool, or on a walk. We put that to the test. That is among the easiest to use online survey sites on a cell phone, and that is simply because the online surveys provided tend to be sharp and quick, and also the website alone is simple to get around and make use of, whatever platform you are using it on. This is an excellent option for people whose online time is mainly spent on their cell phone.


Valued Opinions -No. 16 Best Paid Survey Websites
If you wish to get your money fast, or don’t like the thought of your earnings adding up before you achieve a threshold that appears quite a distance off, then V Opinion may be the ideal online survey website for you. They won’t cause you to work way too hard for your cash, as you can claim it after doing as few as 5 online surveys. This compares very favorably with most paid panels which we see, and implies that you can literally be requesting a cash pay out within a few of hours of having signed up.

One poll US -No.17 Best Paid Survey Websites
One Poll is a firm which was founded in the Uk, but it’s also open to consumers in the United States Of America and beyond. It claims to be acknowledged by Money Saving Expert, one of the largest consumer sites in that country, which is a encouraging recommendation. What We acknowledged about it is that the online surveys are brief and also easy to complete, thus ideal if you’ve had a difficult day and don’t want to do something too taxing. New online surveys are added every day, and some are amusingly quirky.


Valued Opinions– No.18 Best Paid Surveys Websites
Value opinions – One of the biggest things about paid online surveys is that they value your opinion in the best way of all: by rewarding you for it. Valued Opinions pays particularly well when compared with many similar websites, and it normally pays between 2 and 5 dollars for every single online survey. As you may expect, however, meaning the online surveys are lengthier and qualifications is a bit harder. That’s the main reason it hasn’t gained an even higher place in our league table. They even have professional online surveys paying $50, however please be aware they pay in gift cards, not cash.


RewardingwaysNo.19 Best Paid Survey WebsitesIt is a awesome looking online surveys that pay cash that makes it easy to complete an online survey, without needing to spend too much time understanding how to do it. One important thing We liked most about this real surveys that pay you is because they offer a countless number of ways to get paid: there’s the old favorite PayPal of course, however, you may also pick Starbucks cards, Amazon and other gift certificates, and even restaurant cards. Your online surveys can pay for your next meal, and it’s straightforward to rack up points here. Quite a few users have reported delays in getting payments nevertheless, however this isn’t a scam and MintVine are working really hard to accelerate their process and iron out any glitches. If they do, they may be heading into the Online survey top sites.


Inboxdollars-No.20 Best Paid Survey Websites
Send Earnings might have to be happy with the 20th and final place in our table, however that’s still an accomplishment to be proud of in this competitive market. There’s a good selection of online surveys to pick from, which We always welcome, and you could grab your cash and run once you hit the 30 dollar threshold. There are numerous other money earning options also, but look out for the ‘play games’ pitfall as it may end up costing you a lot more than you actually make.

There we’ve it: 20 Best paid online surveys sites, each with a unique proposition, each with something special to offer the consumer. Earning money by completing online surveys has never been easier, and also by focusing on our top twenty paying online survey winners you can be sure that the website is legitimate and reliable. Wish you all the best on any of the Best Paid Survey Websites!

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